BCS: Awake Week

Dead men walking.  That is how Pastor John Suciu, from Wallen Baptist Church, described each and every one of us according to the book of Ephesians.  Until, that is, we recognize who Christ is, what He has done for us, and who we are in Him.  In Christ, we have been granted life!

Pastor Suciu spent Awake Week explaining Watchman Nee’s “Sit, Walk, Stand” meaning we are to Sit in Christ, Walk for Christ and Stand with Christ.  He spent one day talking about each of these positions, and how it is so important to learn to live this way now.  For most of our student body, life after high school will mean an attack on their faith.  He urged them to figure out how to practice these positions now, while they are still in a community of believers, so that when their faith is tested they can withstand the attacks and take a stand for Christ, no matter how unpopular.

A clip from Gladiator was shown to represent the seriousness of going to battle for Christ.  It merged some scenes of the Gladiators preparing for battle with the words of Ephesians 6 as it described preparing for a spiritual battle.  It ends with “Whatever comes out of those gates, we have a better chance of survival if we stand together.”  That is what our students were challenged to do. Don’t get sucked in to lukewarm Christianity that is torn between the World and what is right.  Stand together.  Stand for Christ.

Pastor Suciu also made sure to tell them that if one day they find themselves on the wrong path, not to believe Satan’s lie that they can never go back.  He explained that they first of all need to remember what they have learned.  Remember that Christ loves them and has already taken their penalty of death and given them new life.  Next, they should repent, which means to turn completely away from where they were headed and change direction.  He told them to turn around and start walking back toward God.  Finally, return.  Go home.  Like the story of the prodigal son, the Father is waiting to welcome you with open arms.