BCS: Boys Soccer Sectional Game Tonight!

The Braves Soccer team faces off against Luers tonight at 7:00 on the BCS  field.  We had the opportunity to interview two Seniors, Tommy Freeborn and Jonah Harry, about the season, their soccer careers with BCS, and what they are anticipating about this year’s Sectional play.

Are you excited for this yearʼs sectional game against Luers?
Excited, because it will be a good challenging game right off the bat. — Tommy

Are you going to win?
Not planning to lose! — Jonah

What are some things you will have to do in order to win?
Limit mistakes, Work Hard, Score goals.

Are you happy with the season so far? Any games you would do over if you could?
So far it has gone very well. We played well against Canterbury.  Would like to do the Northrop game over.  We tied, but wish we would have won.

Do you have a go-to player?
Brooks Smith because he creates goals.

What advice would you give to fellow soccer players or your team?
Work hard and good things will happen.

Tommy, do you like being coached by your dad?
Weʼve had our good moments and bad moments together. I could not ask for a better coach.

Any regrets?

Article submitted by: Claire Andrews