BCS: Junior High Students Collaborate on New Painting

In Art, the Junior High students are working on a new collaborative painting for the Junior High stairwell landing.  Mrs. Smith recently took down the old painting which was designed by Sidney Jentgen and was titled “New Directions” featuring brightly colored arrows.

The theme of the new Junior High painting is UNITY.  There are 68 Junior High art students who will work on this piece.  The design for the new painting is by 8th grader, Kole Barkhaus. The theme is based off of the passage in 1 Corinthians 12 that talks about being one body made up of many parts.  Each student will paint their own individual design within the word “Unity.”  Kole’s design represents our different gifts & how God uses them for his purpose.

(Still in progress)

Article submitted by: Jessie Smith