BCS: Alumni Chapel – TONIGHT!

coffee mugsIf you ask a BCS student or alumni what impacted them the most about their time at Blackhawk, they usually say “Chapel!”  Our time together for worship and learning more about Christ is something that makes BCS distinctive.  An alumnus, Sarah (Siegelin) Crook, and her friend, Rachel McIntosh, felt the same way.

Rachel told Sarah how much she missed chapel and how she would come home in a heartbeat if chapel was recreated like 21 years ago. Sarah started the planning an alumni chapel, just like old times, for the night before Homecoming!

Mr. Cashen was the chapel leader when Sarah and Rachel were students and he will lead worship for the alumni chapel, just like he did every week back then.  All BCS alumni are invited!

Thanks, Sarah, for planning this event for the alumni of Blackhawk!

Chapel and Cocoa with CashenArticle submitted by: Rachel Walters