BCS: Art Class Field Trip to the Fort Wayne Museum of Art

artRecently, the High School Art Class took a field trip to the Fort Wayne Museum of Art. The purpose of the trip was to see the exhibits and learn the background behind the artwork. They looked at three exhibits: Freedom Riders and Bus Boycotters, Hidden Treasure, and Joel Fremion and 21st Century College.

Two of the students, Shelby Sims and Wesleigh Byrd, favored the Freedom Riders exhibit, but for different reasons. Shelby liked this exhibit because there was a story behind the painting. Wesleigh liked it because there was a lot of history and detail incorporated into the picture, and the colors of the painting were very unique. Wesleigh also enjoyed getting to see other types of artwork like antique couches, guns, and tea sets. She also liked getting to see the art pieces that were specific places in Fort Wayne, because they showed places we see every day.

Then they finished the trip off in the best way possible, a visit to YoYoʼs where they discussed what they saw and their thoughts on each exhibit. Overall, the class enjoyed this trip and hope to do more like it in the future!

Article submitted by:  Jackie Mills