Publications Staff Spotlight: Luis Campos


Senior: Luis Campos

What is your favorite hobby?

I enjoy reading scripture, running, and teaching.

What type of music do you like? 

Any kind but ROCK!


Why did you join student pubs and why did you choose design team? 

I wanted to do something for Blackhawk; I wanted to be involved in designing spreads and be able to point to the ones I was responsible for.

Do you have a job? If so what is it? 

I work at American Eagle, as an associate.

What is your favorite movie? 

To Save A Life. It’s a Christian movie. It’s about an African American guy who goes into a school and shoots himself because he was bullied. His childhood best friend, Jake, was changed by the suicide and begins going to church and is saved.

Article Submitted by Eli Trumbull and Joseph Angelo