Movie Madness

The movie theater or the home theater? That is the question. With the movie theater you get the whole movie going experience: the overwhelming smell of artificial butter on popcorn, the sound of people shuffling off to their seats before the previews start, the crisp movie ticket… And an empty wallet.

Yes, we all would like to deny the fact of the over whelming cost, but, sadly, it’s true: you’ll be broke by the time you leave. The movie ticket costs 10 bucks, the popcorn is so much you begin to wonder if it’s made out of gold, and let’s not forget the fact that it’s bathed in salt so your choices are either buy a five dollar soda or die of dehydration before the movie even starts. And after you drink that bladder buster of a soda, you obviously need to use the restroom because no mere human can retain that much liquid, but what if you miss the movie? It’s just common knowledge that the first fifteen minutes of the movie are very critical. And as the previews get longer and longer you realize that if you had just gone to the bathroom while you had the chance, you could have made it there and back in time. But now? Who knows. Better not risk it. By the time you finally get up the courage to just go already… the movie starts.

You just sit back down and try to enjoy the movie. As if that’s possible. Your mind is filled with the questions of “Why is there so much water in this movie?” and “Seriously, the movie can’t be this long…” Maybe some popcorn will help distract you. You get dehydrated again, and drink more again, and need to use the restroom even more, thus feeding the vicious cycle that is going to the movies. And yet… the dull speakers of our home television can’t hold a candle to the earth rumbling surround sound speakers and the enormous screen that the movie theater is oh-so-famous for.

So, what are the perks of watching a movie at home? Well, besides the fact that the pop and popcorn’s free, there’s the wonderful invention of the pause button. Need more popcorn? Pause. Need to use the restroom? Pause. Someone has a question about the movie? Pause. Of course, in between all the bathroom breaks, refills, the never ending questions from the person who’s not even paying attention, and your sibling who apparently is auditioning for a “Who Can Scream the Loudest?” contest, you may finish the 2 hour movie by the time your 37. Woo Hoo. And of course you probably already know how the movie ends because you had to wait three months for it come out on DVD and your friends spilled the beans about that ending they never saw coming.

All in all, it just depends if you want to wait to get it on Redbox or sell a kidney so you can afford to go to the theater. Which do you prefer?

Article submitted by Jillian Rich