Due to IRS regulations that have recently been brought to our attention, we will be making a major change in the Scrip Program beginning July 1, 2014. In order to stay safely within these IRS guidelines, all of the profits from Scrip sales must benefit the school as a whole, rather than an individual family.

Based on this information, we will unfortunately no longer be able to issue individual Tuition Credit Vouchers for Scrip purchased by our Blackhawk Christian School families after July 1, 2014.   There are so many of you who have faithfully used Scrip over the years, and we truly appreciate your participation. While we understand that this change may be a disappointment to you, we hope you will keep buying Scrip in order to benefit BCS.

We will be identifying several options that you may choose to support with your Scrip purchases. These options may include, but not be limited to, General Fund, Tuition Assistance, Fine Arts, Athletic teams, Elementary Classroom Funds,etc.

We believe that Scrip has great potential to benefit Blackhawk Christian School and your children directly as we use it to enhance the programs in which they are involved.   Our plan is to work closely with the new Booster Clubs as we figure out how best to continue the Scrip program, and we trust we can count on your on-going support.