Connecting to Cross the “River”

On Wednesday, September 18th, Connect Groups got together to complete a challenge and compete for a prize. Everyone met out in the parking lot by the designated spot and began to form their plans.

The object of the game was to walk your whole team to the other side of the parking lot, using only wooden bricks. The clincher was that the parking lot was a “raging IMG_0004river” full of hungry piranhas. If any one team member fell off the wooden block or “raft”, the whole team would have to start over. Some teachers acted as the “hungry piranhas” and they ran around stealing blocks from teams, making it more difficult to get across. They fulfilled this role well, taking blocks from many teams and even giving one team’s blocks to another.

This game took a lot of teamwork and quick thinking. Teams were tying blocks to their shoes, giving piggy back rides, and so much more. Many teams came so close to winning before having to start all over. Although some teams made it to the other side toward the end of the time, it was ruled that no team had sufficient time to get everyone across without cheating the system in some way!

Unfortunately, the whistle was blown, indicating the end of the games with most teams still on the wrong side of the river!

Article submitted by Madison Arrington