A Day in the Life of BCS Golf Legend, Jaycee Bunner

IMG954688Jaycee Bunner is a senior here at Blackhawk Christian. She has played golf for all of her life and it has definitely paid off. She has made it past Sectionals, Regionals, and is on her way to the State competition. Jaycee doesn’t have any expectations for State. When asked if she thinks she’ll win, she responded with, “Uh, I mean that’d be cool.”

To prepare and give herself an advantage, Jaycee gets to her match an hour earlier than everyone else. In advance, she practices at least once a day. She never plays with the number three ball because nothing good can come from the number three. For Jaycee, the number three means two strokes higher than a perfect hole-in-one.

2014 BCS Girls Golf vs Leo BD-1507203246Jaycee is playing golf in college but is not quite sure where she wants to play. Many scouts have come to her matches and are looking for her to come play at their college. At this point, she has no plans to play professionally, but isn’t ruling it out as an option for the future.

The State competition will take place this Friday, October 9th and Saturday, October 10th in Indy. Good luck Jaycee!

Article submitted by Emily Day