The Real Reason for the Season

Hearing the word “Christmas” would spark images of presents in just about every American’s mind. Everyone loves the childlike excitement that is felt gathering around the Christmas tree to share in opening gifts with loved ones. As we enter December and the holidays are approaching quickly, anticipation is growing for the most most widely celebrated holiday in the world to arrive. As awesome as Christmas is, it has a tendency to create selfish attitudes in people’s minds.

Some people see Christmas as only a way for them to GET more, however, those people are missing the point of Christmas. The cliche “Christmas isn’t about getting, it’s about giving” rings true. It can be easy to forget that the reason Christmas is celebrated is to remember the birth of Jesus, the Savior of the world. Jesus’s life was the ultimate example of giving, so we should not celebrate Christmas with a greedy attitude, but with one of thanksgiving and giving to others.

This Christmas, maybe ask God to help shift your perspective perspective on Christmas and just for life in general Рthat our lives are not about getting everything we want, they are about living for the Lord and loving others.