Student of the Week: Gabrielle Kindler

When Gabrielle Kindler goes to the rink she packs her ZÜCA bag with her ice skates, a towel, guards, gloves, and extra things like pony tails and bobby pins.  She wears leggings with a nylon fabric leotard, or just athletic clothing on the ice. Under her skating pants she wears skating stockings instead of wearing socks- this is much easier and it prepares her for what she will be wearing during competitions.

photo(2)Kindler arrives at the rink about an hour before her private lessons. She stretches, warms up her jumps off ice, and then warms up on the ice for about twenty minutes all before her lesson. Her lessons are three times a week for about three hours and she has a class once a week that is called academy.

Kindler says her favorite part of ice skating is spins. She loves learning new spins and working on them over and over again. Her least favorite part of skating; however, is academy.

“It is very challenging and scary and with the head coach being Russian, she’s strict. But other wise I love skating,” says Kindler.

Kindler is a competitive skater. She competes often. The number of competitions each year varies. She says she competes almost every month. For her uniform, she wears a skating dress, which can cost anywhere from 80 dollars to how ever much you’re willing to spend. 

“I am training right now to hopefully make it to the 2018 winter Olympics. I enjoy competing very much,” Kindler tells us.

Lets hope Gabrielle meets her goals and accomplishes her dreams!

Article submitted by Abby Brown