Kroger Scrip

Kroger is one of our original Scrip merchants, and has been a faithful and generous contributor to Blackhawk Christian School through the Scrip program. They have always made their contribution in the form of gift cards which we purchased from them at a discount and then sold to our BCS family and friends. Since 2007 we have received almost $23,000 from Kroger. We want to say “Thank you” to Kroger for their support, and “Thank you” to you, our BCS family, who have also given your support by purchasing Scrip.
 Kroger has announced that they will be changing their program.  They will no longer be issuing gift cards, but will make their donation to BCS (and any non-profit organization) through the KROGER PLUS CARDS.  Will you please help us continue to receive these benefits from Kroger by registering your Plus Card and using it whenever you shop at Kroger. If you do not have a Plus Card please sign up for one and register it to the BCS account as soon as possible. Following is a condensed outline to help you register. If you have any trouble with the process please let us know. Thanks for taking this simple step to support the BCS budget!
1.   Register online and set up your account at
2.   Sign in to your new account;  select “My Account”;  select Community Rewards, “Enroll Now” (or “Edit”)
3.   Enter and save the Blackhawk Christian School NPO number 10509.
We have a limited supply of Kroger Gift Cards in stock.  Once we sell these, no more will be available, and you will only need to swipe your registered Plus Card when you shop.  We appreciate your support!