Tarzan: Megan Schnurr

The Spring Musical is fast approaching, make sure you set aside a time to come to one of the three performances happening March 19th-21st.
Junior Megan Schnurr plays the part of a leopard in the musical. She shares below some of her feelings about her role and the performance.
What’s the hardest thing when trying to portray your character?
Definitely the timing! There are so many beats that you have to hit perfectly to make it look good.
What’s your favorite song in this production?
 My favorite song has to be the prologue. There’s so much suspense and emotion and just so much going on, it’s awesome!
How do you feel about the upcoming production?
I’m personally excited. I  love my part and how I get to just run and jump all over and just have fun with it! I’m excited for everyone to see it, it’s going to be an amazing show!
What’s your favorite part about performing?
My favorite part is how I can play such a crazy part, such as the leopard, yet do it all for the glory of God.
What’s your least favorite part?
My least favorite part is that there are only 3 shows and then it’s over.